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04 Feb '16

The People vs OJ Simpson T-shirt

Posted by Cleatus Van Damme
Have you been watching American Crime Stories on FOX, The People vs. O.J. Simpson?   Wow, the 90's came rushing back with that little blast from the past.    You couldn't go anywhere without people talking about The Juice.    Seems like half of America thought he couldn't have possibly killed his ex-wife and her boyfriend, while the others watched the evidence pour in and became convinced this former football hero had just committed a double homicide.

Want to bring those days back?   Then we have the shirt for you!
OJ Simpson Mug Shot All Over ShirtBe ready for conversation when you wear this!   Some people are going to find it funny, others may find it to be controversial.   But either way, you're going to find yourself talking about whether OJ got away with murder or was a black celebrity framed by white cops.

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15 Jan '16

Classic TV Series Nostalgia Tshirts

 Xfiles, Deadwood, Lost and Breaking Bad are 4 classic TV series shirts 4swag.com has designed.

Winter is a perfect time for catching up classic TV series. In celebration of the winter binge watching

we bring you these 4 lounging tshirts.

Xfiles - Never Again.  Deadwood- Cocky Rooster Sucker. Lost - Fish Biscuit. Breaking Bad Meth Moth.


Xfiles Never Again Tattoo TshirtDeadwood Cocksucker TshirtLost Dharma Fish Biscuit TshirtBreaking Bad Meth Bee Tshirt




26 Dec '15

Vikings and Sons Of Anarchy Mashup

Posted by Cleatus Van Damme

The vikings were the original gangs. They just used boats instead of bikes. And if you've seen the TV show you know they like sex,tattoos,booze and plunder. It is only fitting that they get their own colors. Since no one is around to vote you in join the gang and get the shirt.


24 Dec '15

The Godfather's Genco Olive Oil

Posted by Cleatus Van Damme

This is a little throwback Thursday to the classic movie The GodFather.

Ever criminal enterprise needs a solid offshore shell company. Genco Olive Oil seemed to be quite fitting for an Italian crime family in my book. Like other foodies, I just wonder if it was quality tasty olive oil.

Find this and other Godfather themed shirts by searching the keyword Godfather.


05 Dec '15

American Horror Story: Hotel Cortez T-shirt

Posted by Cleatus Van Damme

So have you been watching AHS this season?    This t-shirt is the only thing we want from the Hotel Cortez no matter how hot Lady Gaga looks naked.

Available in your choice of 5 colors on our unisex cotton tee's.   If you'd like to see a lady's tee, sweatshirts or maybe a blood spattered version, let us know.