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09 Jan '17

Vikings Pillage and Plunder Tshirts for Season 5!

Posted by Cleatus Van Damme

Ragnar and his friends on the TV-series Vikings have been renewed for a 5th season of pillaging and plundering.    To celebrate we're releasing more Vikings shirts.

The first one is based upon the raven crest which Ragnar Lothbrok wears upon the chest of his battle armor.   The second is for Pillage and Plunder featuring two norse axes.   You'll be raiding in style while wearing either of these!

Wait there is more!

For those of you that like your tshirts to be more nerdy and less wordy with a minimalist design we have added a gravel grey shirt with a simple Vikings boat and the word PLUNDER in a fine Vikings font.

It doesn't matter if you are a fan of the crafty Norse God worshipping Floki or a cutthroat french maiden seeking - brother betraying Rollo fan.

These shirts are a must have for the true Viking TV show fan.

Seriously unless you are a fan of the French or that pompous King Egbert why wouldn't you want to support Ragnar and his plundering and pillaging pals?

The pillaging Vikings LIVE to plunder goods and party down like a modern day group of frat boys.

There is great booze, roll your own music and lots of willing wenches for the Viking that comes home with the spoils from a solid trip abroad. 

I guess you could spend your time farming or hanging out with that creepy fortune telling guy that likes his hand licked. 

I chose the life of Ragnar and his son and you should too.

You can be serious and regal and wear Ragnar's plundering Viking crest or a little more fierce with a show of axes.

If you can't tell we seriously love this show and we want to show all our appreciation for the Viking way of Plunder. 

We are so excited that as the show progresses we will add to our wardrobe with even more Vikings themed shirts and swag. 

Bookmark this page so you don't miss out.

Check out our entire Vikings collection.

Vikings T-shirt featuring Ragnar Lothbrok's RavenVikings T-shirt Pillage and Plunder

09 Mar '16

Ingress Shirts for Anomaly Vets and Guardian Hunters

Posted by Cleatus Van Damme

This week we've released some new Ingress t-shirts.   If you've never played, Ingress is Niantic Labs augmented reality game that was developed with early investment from Google.   

First up, with yet another upcoming anomaly, we wanted a shirt for folks like us who have participated in every series since the beginning of the game.   So we've released an Anomaly Veteran shirt displaying all of the previous badges for these events.   We've done a version of this for both factions.

Next, another of our favorite parts of the game is guardian hunting.   So we thought it time that there was a shirt for the accomplished Guardian Slayer.   These are likely to generate some heat from those who have been perpetually butt hurt by having their guardians taken out.   Enjoy the tears, we do.    We've done two variations of this design.  One with a military style traditional looking font, and another that is a bit more edgy.   We love 'em both, and have both, so we're offering 'em both!

Also dont forget to check out our other Ingress offerings.


Ingress Anomaly Veteran shirt for ResistanceIngress Anomaly Veteran shirt for Enlightened


Ingress Guardian Slayer shirtIngress Guardian Slayer shirt

04 Mar '16

House of Cards Season 4 is here.

Posted by Cleatus Van Damme
Netflix has just released House of Cards Season 4, and we have Frank Underwood campaign shirts!

Doug Stamper couldn't have made this work out any better for the show.  It comes back with the story in the middle of good old Francis Underwood's campaign right in the middle of the weirdest Presidential campaign in the history of the United States.   The former white trash peach farmer from South Carolina would fit right in with the real candidates.   I can only imagine what he would have to say about the likes of Hillary and Trump.

We have multiple shirt designs for you to choose from, both express a big FU to the 2016 campaign with their nods to Frank.

Frank Underwood for President -- House of CardsFU 2016 -- Francis Underwood House of Cards
09 Feb '16

Funky Cold Medina Bottle Label T-shirt

Posted by Cleatus Van Damme
Why you so fly?   Because you're wearing a Funky Cold Medina t-shirt!

We're a sucker for cheesy 80's music, and at the end of the decade Tone Loc came out with a couple of funny but rocking rap songs, Wild Thing and Funky Cold Medina.    This is our tribute to the latter with a vintage bottle label for the medina that will have your friends wanting to order some from the bar.

That Medina's a monster yall!
Funky Cold Medina Bottle Label T-shirt
05 Feb '16

What are All Over Shirts or Sublimiination Shirts?

Posted by Cleatus Van Damme

All Over Shirts are very popular with t-shirt fans right now.  These shirts are created via a process called sublimation.   This process not only allow the print to cover the entire garment, but also allows for unlimated colors so you can use photographic images.

Here are some examples from our All Over Shirts collection.

Pretty cool eh?   And if you have requests or even want some customs, email us, and we'll see what we can do.

So, how does this process work?  The artwork is printed on a special high release paper before being transferred onto the garment using a high heat and pressure system.   Heat converts the solid, printed dye particles into a gas, this is where the word sublimation comes from.   This bonds them to the polyester fibers in the shirt.    Polyester is integral to the process, so all over shirts will always be 100% polyester.

The result is excellent however.   Unlike traditional screen printing or even the newer direct-to-garment processes, the dye is absorbed into the fabric.   This makes the resulting t-shirt more breathable with a soft comfortable feel.

Our all over shirts are currently available in sizes ranging from XS up to 2XL.   Also do note that by nature of the process, you may find some tiny cracks or blurs near the seams, usually in the armpit.   But do not worry, these shirts are gorgeous, and any of these small flaws go unnoticed.