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15 Jan '16

Classic TV Series Nostalgia Tshirts

 Xfiles, Deadwood, Lost and Breaking Bad are 4 classic TV series shirts 4swag.com has designed.

Winter is a perfect time for catching up classic TV series. In celebration of the winter binge watching

we bring you these 4 lounging tshirts.

Xfiles - Never Again.  Deadwood- Cocky Rooster Sucker. Lost - Fish Biscuit. Breaking Bad Meth Moth.


Xfiles Never Again Tattoo TshirtDeadwood Cocksucker TshirtLost Dharma Fish Biscuit TshirtBreaking Bad Meth Bee Tshirt




23 Oct '15

It Is Game of Thrones Day

Posted by Cleatus Van Damme in game of thrones, pop culture, t-shirt, television
By popular demand, we've added more Game of Thrones swag.   First up, today we debut our alt version of the dracarys shirt.   For those of you who do not speak fluent valyrian, dracarys is the command the Mother of Dragons gives her children when she wants them to burn her adversaries to a crisp.   Don't mess with the Khaleesi!

We've also added a Hodor shirt.  What more can we say about Hodor?   hodor, hodor?, hodor, hodor!, hodor?, hodor!!, hodor, hodor!!

the mother of dragons says dracaryshodor
22 Oct '15

Old School Gamers

Posted by Cleatus Van Damme in 2600, atari, classically trained, gamer, old school, t-shirt

Have those colleagues and friends who are bragging about how long they've been gaming, and how they used to be the masters of Mario on the old NES?   Put Junior in his place with our new shirt.

Let him know you were classically trained on the Atari 2600.  You ruled the neighborhood, handing defeat to any of the neighbor kids who dared go head to head.  You didn't need any sort of game pad, all you needed was a joystick and a button.  

Oh, and when he talks the smack about the games, remind him that it wasn't all about Asteroids or those horrible versions of Pac Man or Donkey Kong.   No sir, we were yanking and banking in classics like River Raid and Demon Attack or the original running side scroll Pitfall!

Available now in classic black, opponent's blood red, bruised and battered blue and poser player tears aqua.

Classically trained old school gamer