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04 Feb '16

The People vs OJ Simpson T-shirt

Posted by Cleatus Van Damme
Have you been watching American Crime Stories on FOX, The People vs. O.J. Simpson?   Wow, the 90's came rushing back with that little blast from the past.    You couldn't go anywhere without people talking about The Juice.    Seems like half of America thought he couldn't have possibly killed his ex-wife and her boyfriend, while the others watched the evidence pour in and became convinced this former football hero had just committed a double homicide.

Want to bring those days back?   Then we have the shirt for you!
OJ Simpson Mug Shot All Over ShirtBe ready for conversation when you wear this!   Some people are going to find it funny, others may find it to be controversial.   But either way, you're going to find yourself talking about whether OJ got away with murder or was a black celebrity framed by white cops.

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