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09 Mar '16

Ingress Shirts for Anomaly Vets and Guardian Hunters

Posted by Cleatus Van Damme

This week we've released some new Ingress t-shirts.   If you've never played, Ingress is Niantic Labs augmented reality game that was developed with early investment from Google.   

First up, with yet another upcoming anomaly, we wanted a shirt for folks like us who have participated in every series since the beginning of the game.   So we've released an Anomaly Veteran shirt displaying all of the previous badges for these events.   We've done a version of this for both factions.

Next, another of our favorite parts of the game is guardian hunting.   So we thought it time that there was a shirt for the accomplished Guardian Slayer.   These are likely to generate some heat from those who have been perpetually butt hurt by having their guardians taken out.   Enjoy the tears, we do.    We've done two variations of this design.  One with a military style traditional looking font, and another that is a bit more edgy.   We love 'em both, and have both, so we're offering 'em both!

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Ingress Anomaly Veteran shirt for ResistanceIngress Anomaly Veteran shirt for Enlightened


Ingress Guardian Slayer shirtIngress Guardian Slayer shirt