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05 Feb '16

What are All Over Shirts or Sublimiination Shirts?

Posted by Cleatus Van Damme

All Over Shirts are very popular with t-shirt fans right now.  These shirts are created via a process called sublimation.   This process not only allow the print to cover the entire garment, but also allows for unlimated colors so you can use photographic images.

Here are some examples from our All Over Shirts collection.

Pretty cool eh?   And if you have requests or even want some customs, email us, and we'll see what we can do.

So, how does this process work?  The artwork is printed on a special high release paper before being transferred onto the garment using a high heat and pressure system.   Heat converts the solid, printed dye particles into a gas, this is where the word sublimation comes from.   This bonds them to the polyester fibers in the shirt.    Polyester is integral to the process, so all over shirts will always be 100% polyester.

The result is excellent however.   Unlike traditional screen printing or even the newer direct-to-garment processes, the dye is absorbed into the fabric.   This makes the resulting t-shirt more breathable with a soft comfortable feel.

Our all over shirts are currently available in sizes ranging from XS up to 2XL.   Also do note that by nature of the process, you may find some tiny cracks or blurs near the seams, usually in the armpit.   But do not worry, these shirts are gorgeous, and any of these small flaws go unnoticed.