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11 May '17

We've partnered with Amazon

Posted by Cleatus Van Damme
We're happy to announce that we've partnered with Amazon to offer many of our most popular designs on Amazon's site.   The designs that are available there will have a "buy now on amazon" button on the product page.    And yes, great news, these are available on Amazon Prime as well.

These are our same original designs that you get through the main store.   We are simply offering them through Amazon as an additional channel to reach more customers as well as offer different fulfillment options to our existing customers.    Only difference is there may be some differences in what sizes and colors are available in the main store versus Amazon.   This is simply a question of what's in stock where.

We will continue to look for additional fulfillment options to give you more ways to obtain our products.   And as always, regardless of where you buy, we appreciate your business.