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10 Nov '15

Support Woodbury Police Department

Posted by Cleatus Van Damme in Halloween, The Walking Dead, Walkers, Zombie

4swag.com opens it's doors just in time for Halloween. If you are looking for a budget costume - it doesn't get any cheaper than this original teeshirt from Woodbury PD.

Imagine the yarn you can spin as you regale the masses with tales of how you single handedly escaped the zombie horde like the stars from AMC's The Walking Dead.

The Woodbury police officer teeshirt is authenticated with a bloody zombie hand print to giving you more street cred to the jealous masses.

Who would have thought it costs less than twenty bucks?

29 Oct '15

TWD Survivor Shirts

Posted by Cleatus Van Damme in alexandria, the walking dead, twd, woodbury, zombies
The Walking Dead is currently one of our favorite shows.   We're proud to unveil two new shirts paying homage to the show.   You get your choice of being a Woodbury or Alexandria survivor.   Even Michonne can't tell you whether the blood splatter on these shirts if from a walker, a friend or a human foe trying to steal Judith's baby food.   These are available in 100% cotton, all sizes and you get 'em in any blood covered color you like as long it's grey.   Seriously, you don't want to wear neon colors when trying to hide from both humans and zombies who would like to eat you.
Alexandria SurvivorWoodbury Survivor