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06 May '17

13 Reason's Why Monet's Coffee T-shirt

Posted by Cleatus Van Damme

You guys have been asking for more shirts from Netflix shows.   Well, we're currently on a 13 Reasons Why binge.    I'm not real sure why, this thing is almost a chick flick, but I guarantee that once you start watching you'll have a hard time not tearing through the entire season.

One of the key locations in the set is the coffee shop where Hannah Baker and her buddies meet up for hot chocolate and coffee.    And what IS up with the coffees that albino looking guy drinks anyway?    

But I digress, it's called Monet's Cafe, and of course we now have the shirt to commemorate the location and show that you're a fan of the show.    A sneak preview of the shirt is below, for more details click here.