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Ingress Anomaly Veteran T-shirt for Enlightened -- Irish Green

Ingress Anomaly Veteran T-shirt for Enlightened -- Obsidian Edition

$ 19.50

Hardcore Ingress players know all about anomalies and most will have been to at least a couple. But only the true veterans of the game will have been to ALL of the anomaly series.

Show your badges proudly on this shirt, they're all here: Recursion, Interitus Helios, Darsana, Shonin, Persepolis, Abaddon and Obsidian. And yes, for you nitpicky types, there's also earlier events such as 13magnus, but there were no badges for those. This t-shirt is also available in a Resistance version.

This shirt is available in black and multiple shades of Enlightened green. Printed on our typical 100% cotton t-shirt. These tees are pre-shrunk to make sure your size is maintained throughout several washes, and a classic fit.

• 100% jersey knit
• Pre-shrunk
• Classic fit
• Seamless, double-need ⅞” collar
• Taped neck and shoulders