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Black Sails Brothel T-shirt - Black

Black Sails Brothel T-shirt for Pirates and Wenches

$ 19.50

We're huge fans of Black Sails. And we just had to have a souvenir shirt from the show's brothel.   What pirate doesn't enjoy a little booty when he's ashore?

If you haven't seen the show, you should, it's about the pirates of the carribean, but this is not Disney!   Nope, this is based upon mostly real characters including Long John Silver, Charles Vain, Jack Rackham and even old Blackbeard himself.   And it gets a little dirty.  Ok, it gets A LOT dirty.   Set in Nassau, the center of all of the action is the local whorehouse.

This t-shirt is available in 6 colors including black, red, dark blue, maroon, navy and carribean blue.   Like all of our tees, the shirt is made from 100% cotton for comfort and pre-shrunk to maintain it's size even after many trips through the washer.   Available in men's sizes Small up to 5X for fully grown pirates..

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