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Zafiro Anejo T-shirt - Black

Better Call Saul's Favorite Tequila Zafiro Añejo T-shirt

$ 19.50

As seen in Better Call Saul season 2 episode 1 (S02E01) as well as previously in Breaking Bad, Zafiro Añejo is the favorite tequila of drug lords, pretentious stock brokers and scamming lawyers like Saul Goodman.   At $50 a shot, if you drink the entire bottle, the bartender will even let you keep the bottle top!

Show the world that you're a playuh and know your tequila with this shirt!   Ok, actually, Zafiro Anejo is a totally fictional brand made up by the genius writers of the show.   But that makes the shirt even more cool as you show you're a fan of both Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad and not some pretentious loser who would pay $50 a shot for a tequila that isn't even a reposado.

This t-shirt is available in 3 colors including black, navy and forest.  The shirt is made from 100% cotton for comfort and pre-shrunk to maintain it's size and shape even after many trips through the washer.   Available in men's sizes Small up to 5XL.

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