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Ingress Jarvis Needs A Home Tshirt

Ingress Jarvis Needs A Home Tshirt

$ 19.50


Let's face it. When playing ingress the Jarvis virus is a great equalizer. You can flip those resistance blue portals back to green no matter what's on there. For the resistance there are some unique uses for this virus as well if you think out of the box

• Got a team member you want vengence on? Jarvis is a great guardian killer
• Got one of those OCD team players that thinks he has portals that belong to him? Jarvis it!
• Did that moron really put 4 AXA sheilds on a level 1 portal? Help him see the error of his ways.
• Got a pesky Enlightened "work" portal? Drop 4 link amps on it and Jarvis!
Enlist the help of all your friends and help Jarvis find a good home no matter which side you are on.

Comes in "stealthy night ops black" and "I don't care if they see me coming" sporty grey.