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Colossal Cave Adventure plugh Black T-shirt

Colossal Cave Adventure plugh T-shirt

$ 19.50

A hollow voice says plugh.   If you know what plugh means, you have true old school gamer street cred, show it off with this shirt.

For you young bloods, let me school you a bit.   Way back in the stone ages of computing, we played text based adventure games.   Sound lame to you?   Then you'd likely end up stuck in a maze of twisty passages, all alike.   

The granddaddy of all of these games was Colossal Cave Adventure which was available on just about every computing platform in existence.   Bonus points if you played it on a big mainframe.   "plugh" was a very magical word in this game.

Anyone who recognizes this t-shirt is guaranteed to be a true old school gamer, so wear it proudly and be prepared to meet your fellow grey bearded geeks.   The t-shirt is available in 5 colors including black, red, blue, grey and white.   Like all of our tees, the shirt is made from 100% cotton for comfort and pre-shrunk to maintain it's size even after many trips through the washer.   Available in men's sizes Small up to 5X for the big boned.