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Monet's Cafe 13 Reasons Why Mug Black

Black Monet's Cafe Mug from 13 Reasons Why

$ 15.95

Created by popular request this 13 Reasons Why Black Fancy styled Monet's Cafe Mug.

Our original 13 Reason's Why Monet's swag was instantly one of our best sellers. That design is inspired by the Monet's logo on the sign above the coffee shop. You guys asked for a design like the one Skye wears on her shirt while working at Monet's. Here it is!

If you haven't watched 13 Reasons Why, you should. Even if you're not into the teenage angst and drama, the method of story telling is unique, and almost perfectly designed for binge watching. What is Monet's? That's the coffee shop that is a focal point of the show as it is where Hannah Baker and her friends often meet up.

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