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The Matrix Symbols and Code All Over T-shirt Front

The Matrix Symbols and Code All Over T-shirt

$ 31.00

The Matrix remains one of our favorite movies.   This ultra cool shirt is a great homage to one of the biggest movies from the 90's and all time geek classic.   Any true techie can look at the source code and see "blonde, brunette, redhead, and yikes Agent Smith!".   Now you can walk around with the code stream on both the front and back of your t-shirt.

This tee is one of our state of the art all over shirts.   These feature brilliant full color printing over the entire face of the garment using a technique called sublimation.  This technique actually bonds the dye to the shirt instead of printing on top of it which yields not only a unique look and unlimited colors but also a very soft, comfortable and breathable shirt.     This particular shirt has The Matrix symbols on both the front and back.

The t-shirt itself is 100% polyester as this is necessary for the process to work.   Also, as is the case with all sublimation shirts, you may find some tiny cracks and blurring near seams.   Available in sizes XS thru 2XL.